Does Money Grow on Trees?
Economic Benefits

• Trees can help you reduce heating and cooling costs.  In the hotter months the shade they provide helps cool the house, while in the winter they provide a wind break.  This then results in a decrease of electricity for cooling and heating.
• Trees not only serve for aesthetic value to your home but can also increase property value.  If properly maintained a mature tree can increase property value.

Homeowner Benefits

• Various parts of a tree can absorb sound waves and/or send them in a different direction, therefore, reducing the sound intensity. Near major streets with high vehicle traffic trees help clean the surrounding air and they act like a barrier to keep dirt and smog away. 
• A tree in a slope can reduce the risk of erosion.  The tree’s roots help anchor the soil preventing topsoil from being blown away by the wind or washed away by rain.  Its canopy can also reduce flooding by allowing rain to percolate into the ground reducing rain fall run-off.
• Trees can also serve as a play area for kids (build a tree house, make a swing and/or climb it), allowing kids to have contact with nature.  Trees also serve as shelter to many animals.

Environmental Benefits

• Trees also help the environment by acting as a carbon sink.  Trees store carbon in their trunk, branches, leaves and roots while at the same time releasing oxygen into the air.